Affordable Ways to Furnish Your New Home

Affordable Ways to Furnish Your New Home

Affordable Ways to Furnish Your New HomeWhen you’re moving in to a new home, you’ve probably already incurred considerable expense with all the associated costs of the purchase itself, so adding on the expense of furnishing can really put a strain on your financial resources. There are some affordable ways to furnish your new home however, so you can still acquire some furniture pieces that you genuinely like, and which will help to establish the kind of decor you really want. There are several ways you can go about this, some of which call for keeping a sharp eye out for available bargains, and some of which require you to go out and do a little exploring in local shops. Below are some of the strategies you might use to furnish on a budget, and still be happy with the results.

Watch products online for price drops

If you can wait a while for furniture pieces you really want, you can get some excellent bargains from online stores. Of course, you won’t be able to keep tabs on a whole slew of stores, because that would require most of the free hours you have in any given day. So a better approach is to establish a list of online stores which offer the kind of furniture you like, and which would make a good fit in your new home.

Once you’ve compiled this list, there are a few times during the year when you have an especially good chance of scoring a great deal for the pieces you want. There are often price drops around the holiday season, which store owners offer as a means of encouraging maximum sales during that specific time of year. Furniture experts recommend being especially vigilant for deals in January and July, because new furniture shipments arrive twice a year, in February and August, and store owners are looking to move existing stock to make room for the incoming arrivals.

Where to find good used furniture

There are a number of great places to find good used furniture, and every community will have at least a few of these outlets that you can take advantage of. Thrift stores abound these days, because people are regularly selling or donating their used furniture, so they can replace it with newer pieces. This can be one of the very most affordable ways to furnish your new home, because pricing on these items tends to be far below their original cost. You can find good used furniture at Goodwill, The Salvation Army, Habitat ReStore, and others, some of which is still in great shape.

If you’re into yard-sale shopping, you can find some great bargains when local homeowners stage their own outdoor sales. You can also come across some outstanding furniture by regularly checking Craigslist under the ‘free’ section, because there are lots of people who are buying new furniture and just want to get rid of what they have. In those cases, your only expense might be to ask a friend who owns a truck to help you pick up the furniture from the homeowner who’s offering it.

Knock-off DIY furniture

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of stores online and of the brick-and-mortar type, which offer do-it-yourself furniture for the thrift-minded individual. You can purchase these already assembled but unfinished, or in a kit which includes all the parts you need, and for these, you’ll have to provide the elbow grease to put it together.

Even if you’ve never tackled anything like that before, it’s not something that’s out of the realm of possibility. Because there are so many instructional sites online, you can competently assemble virtually any piece of furniture, simply by watching the step-by-step video that will guide you through the process. As a matter of fact, many people have come to appreciate this approach to new furniture so much that they ended up making a hobby out of it. That makes working with knock-off DIY furniture one of the most affordable ways to furnish your new home, and potentially also one of the most personally satisfying.