Preferred Lender

I have been working with Mitch for a couple of years now as my preferred lender.  There’s a good reason why….He closes my deals.  As we all know, there are multiple lenders in the industry that will do a pre-qualification without all of the documentation received and etc. then the deals fall through.  When I send a client to Mitch for pre-qualification and for all their lending options, I don’t have to worry about receiving a Buyer that is not qualified.

One of my favorite stories is one where he closed a deal of mine with a single woman who had a -0- credit score (paid everything cash for multiple years) via FHA.  It took us a little more than normal to close but for a client who had a -0- credit score, we got it done!! As a matter of fact, we are able to help another Buyer of mine with the same situation.

He continues to education myself and my team on all the new lending rules, qualifications, options and etc.  He is an integral part of my team!!  As well, it is a tremendous help that he was an agent himself and understands how important the clients and closings are to us.

Melissa C. Dierks
The Regal Team – RE/MAX Professionals