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Awesome experience!

Mitch and his team made our home loan experience totally stress free. They were great from the beginning and they were always there if we had any questions. They also kept us updated on the status of our loan application.

Desert Springs Mortgage is a great lender!

Desert Springs Mortgage llc is a great lender! They were so helpful and they answered all my questions quickly and thoroughly. They made the home buying process run so smooth for us which was a big deal since this is our first home. I would definitely recommend them to everyone I know, because they were so helpful, and caring.

Refi with Mitch Stam

Mitch was very responsive and helpful every step along the way. I got a better interest than I expected. Everything was completed in a timely manner.

Mitch was awesome!

Professional, efficient, fun, easy to communicate with — I will use Mitch again! In less than 3 weeks our loan was completed–OUTSTANDING! As I’m 60ish, this is not my first loan so I know Great Service when it happens. Need a loan? Go to Mitch and his quick response team! You’ll be happy just like we are! Thanks Mitch and Shana too! ……..PS So you know this is an authentic happy customer, never knew Mitch before our May transaction. 🙂

Mitch was extremely helpful in expediting my loan

Mitch was extremely helpful in expediting my loan. I sold one home and bought another in a 30 day window from another state.
Mitch, kept me informed of all the events of my loan and worked close with my agent to close my house in 30 days. I sold one home and bought another in a 30 day window from another state.

The best!!!!

This process was supposed to be hard but mitch made it easier!!! Anything i needed he was there! Always answered the phone and emails quickly! I felt like he def put me first!

Exceptional mortgage broker!

Since 1979 I’ve bought and refinanced homes at least 12 times. Always with a different broker or lender. Never have I worked with a broker as responsive and responsible as Mitch Stam. After I decided to purchase a lot instead of a completed home, Mitch put me in touch with a lender who accepted his pre-qual and issued me a follow on pre-qual for the raw land purchase … all within one hour! I highly recommend Mitch and will continue to use him in the future.


This was my first time buying a house and I couldn’t have asked for a better mortgage broker. I have heard horror stories about the home-buying process and I kept waiting for the difficult part. Mitch made everything easy and simple. He is very responsive, organized, and kept us informed along the way!

Fantastic to Work With

Mitch and Shana were awesome. They were happy to help with questions any hour of the day. As we worked through the purchase of our first house, they were an invaluable resource. They were able to help us find the perfect loan, and stayed in contact the entire time. They found us a fantastic first-time-homeowner program, and locked us in with a great interest rate. On top of all of that, they helped us to close quickly (and early) on our property. A lot of people say that relationships are important in the industry, but Mitch and Shana exemplified that! Mitch even called me and wished me a happy birthday! We will definitely be giving them a call when making our next purchase. I know that this seems like a “cookie-cutter paid review,” but I can promise that they are that good.

Detailed, knowledgeable, friendly and available

Mitch and his wife make an effective team. They operate professionally and with clarity and focus. The process from the lending side was made very easy and the financial programs available are aggressive. I would recommend this mortgage lender to anyone.